You can’t run away from yourself

And escape.

We are now actually at the different city. And, nothing yet has changed.

I mean, I used to have this thought of freedom. Ambitions. Just you and the world. And you can do anything. But here I am able to go and do anything suddenly feeling no difference.

And you know, a reality is the same everywhere. You need to pay your rent, you want to find a normal job that satisfy you. You want to finish your current stuff successfully. And this will bug you wherever you go.

Because you were made this way.

And at this particular day I heard the idea about dreams and reality. When you struggle through the reality you used to concentrate on your dream. Your reality can be your bills or exhausting job. You should promise yourself to get out of this to make your dream a reality. Constantly trying to collide those two where your dream pays you.

I got a prediction today (out of some play box on the street) saying “it doesn’t matter what you are running away from, it matters where you will end up being”. Still can’t get it.

And I think I became antisocial. It’s neither good nor bad I guess. Just the way people are. I feel better on my own and I need pieces from each person to understand some part of me. And yep, it feels secure and entertaining to be with someone, with lack of consistency. Sometimes.

I can’t figure out my life. Should I follow the opportunity or create it by following the idea?

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