The Globe and Mail and Me

For 171 years, The Globe and Mail has been a beacon for Canadian journalism. For ten of those years, I’ve been lucky to have worked with hundreds of talented people to help define and shape The Globe’s presence on the digital landscape.

During those years, despite all the hurdles, we managed to accomplish so much. Sometimes the work made history. Other times it revealed new business models. And yes, sometimes it failed. Through it all, we worked with passion, knowing there was more to be done to improve The Globe for its readers. Unlocking this potential, after all, is the key to The Globe and Mail’s future success.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret a few you may have already guessed.

Someone else will be doing the work to unlock that problem.

Today, I’m formally announcing that I’m leaving The Globe and Mail.

In the months ahead, after a brief year-end break, I’ll be embarking on a whole new adventure that promises to challenge me in ways I’d almost forgotten was possible.

But more on that another time.

For now, let me say a simple thank you to all the brilliant people I’ve worked with at Canada’s national newspaper both past and present. I’ll eager watch as you continue to evolve The Globe’s in the years ahead.