Why Fast-fashion Needs to Fade, Now!

In a world where everything moves at lightning speed, fashion does too and it comes with its own name — fast-fashion! If you’re not too familiar with the word, here is what it means according to leading popular search engine results: fast-fashion is when a trend appears just as quickly on the streets as it does on the ramps — meaning, there is not a lot of time difference between trends introduced on the runways and then showing up on the streets! So, why should fast-fashion fade, and that too, soon? Read on to find out why…

Fast-fashion products are manufactured quickly to cash in on latest trends and styles, and hardly come with great workmanship! These products are manufactured under a nearly impossible timeframe, which greatly reduces the quality of the products. Since the ultimate aim is to cater cheap but fashionable products to customers, these products are made from poor quality raw materials that only have a moderate shelf life!

Fast-fashion products are usually manufactured overseas, in countries like Vietnam, China and Indonesia where workers are forced to work 12–16 hours a day for bare minimum wages that will make your own ill-paid job seem like inheriting a fortune. Employing mostly women and children, these factories operate in tiny ill-lit warehouses that seriously impact the health of the workers in the long run. Fast-fashion goods are a serious health-hazard to the people who make them. So, the question is, are you morally ready to shoulder the burden of this in your conscience just so you could enjoy that fleeting moment of popularity?

Fast-fashion also encourages mainstream consumerism — trends keep changing faster and faster, and the existing products in your closet tend to fall apart after a few washes! Then you find yourselves hitting the stores more often for finding new clothes at cheaper prices that will leave you with a closet full of stuff that were once so good and loved, but hardly wearable!

Say goodbye to fast-fashion, now!

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