To Vegan and Back: How a Trip to India Sparked My Diet Makeover
Donna Marie Cleveland

Hi Donna,

We need to change not just how we eat, but how we live and relate to others in the biosphere. Climate change, biodiversity loss, species extinctions and desertification are all signals from Nature calling for such change.

For me, a dollop of cream is a reminder that at the moment, we are the Donald Trump of all species, grabbing animals by their body parts and stealing their maternal secretions. Just as Donald Trump has power over young women and abuses it mindlessly, humans have power over innocent animals and abuse it mindlessly.

I also wanted to clarify that my protest at the Burning Man festival was directed at specific events in two camps. Firstly, I wore a large, “Meat is Earth Murder” sign and stood outside a “Bacon Bash” event at the Earth Guardians camp. The Earth Guardians form the environmental wing of the Burning Man organization.

Secondly, I objected to the organizers of a “Bacon and Yoga” event at the Sacred Spaces camp. The first part of the first step of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is “Ahimsa (non-violence),” and therefore, associating Bacon with Yoga desecrated our ancestral legacy.

Otherwise, I wasn’t too bothered by the widespread bacon fetish at the Burning Man festival, which was no different from the widespread animal abuse in our larger society.

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