Best Sailing School In Caribbean — Brief Guiding Tips

Learning to sail in the Caribbean blue waters bring a fresh sense of optimism and care towards the pristine nature. However, that’s not the only reason you would be so obsessed of joining a skipper course in the sailing school, or is it?

In the search of suitable course, you may discover a variety of options. But, we are here to help with our brief guide regarding your sailing school Caribbean selection. Let us open up a bit more.

  • The Instructor — Yes, we did write “The Instructor” because we understand what it means to have a great instructor on the other end. An expert instructor will feed with valuable information, but a bad one only shouts out throughout the voyage. Find the “About Us” section on the sailing school’s website you want to join and explore.
  • The Boat — Again, the boat! If you don’t want to spend days and nights of a week on an old yacht, you have to find information about the boat.
  • The Location — The British Virgin Islands is the world’s best sailing grounds for you to learn. Besides, you will have formidable conditions encouraging your sails.
  • The Association — Does it have any association with associations like IYT or RYA or nothing at all? It’s important that they belong to an association.
  • The Reviews — What were the recent reviews about the school? Most of all, how does your instructor fares in these ratings and reviews? Note down, it will be helpful.

As of now, the SailingVirgins holds the honor of leading sailing school in the area. Moreover, you can enroll for a Bareboat skipper online course as well as other courses too. That is something you won’t get often!

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