Join A Skipper Course of Sailing in British Virgin Islands

If you an adventurer/explorer side of yourself, then you must have given a thought about sailing at least once in your life.

Joining a course is a stepping stone to fulfill your future endeavors.

We are specifically not saying that you cannot learn it on your own, but a training is a precursor to your future voyages.

At present, you can find a bareboat skipper course offered by several certified trainers in the British Virgin Islands. Having said that, we implore you to check certain aspects of the course before signing for it.

Though skipper courses will be aplenty, but we aren’t sure if all of them complies with what you need. Hence, here’s what you should be looking for:

Certified instructors — Professionals certified by the RYA, ASA and NauticEd Standards will “sail” you through the coursework, offer intense training lessons and share impeccable experiences of their careers.

Itinerary chart — When you aboard the boat, you will proceed on a previously charted course on the waters. Technically, it should mention the number of days and nights you will be aboard and the islands you will ashore during the trips.

Course costs — The providers must break the costs in different sections, which would include the cost of the meals, fuel, safety equipment, mooring and ASA certification. A clear representation of costs will help you understand better.

Reviews — Verify reviews to know about the trainers and providers.

Similar inquiry for a Catamaran course BVI will give you a perspective. But remember, the catamaran course costs higher than normal boat courses.