I’m Sailor Made and this is my first testimony as a yacht steward

Nov 26, 2019 · 2 min read

So obviously Sailor Made is my anonymous name which I hope made you laugh a bit. I am a professional yacht steward and friends have been egging me on to start a mini blog of testimonies. My goal is to raise awareness for other stewards and anyone who has a certain perception of the elite life on yachts.

I usually take on contracts that are associated to my hiring company and am insured, protected and given standard yachting gigs. I sometimes take on private contracts and yes often the client is a wealthy elitist with tons of money to go around.

We sailed across the Med on a superyacht owned by an Arab Billionaire. Let’s call him for the sake of discretion, Fauzi. I have had many clients in the Middle East, and the type of events are usually low key and alcohol-free. Enter Arab Billionaire that doesn’t give a sh*t and is the stereotype of Fast and Furious movie number 7.

Cue Arabic music soundtrack of same movie.

The night started off as usual, guests came and went, the champagne flowed, and the music played. It wasn’t until we got off at a certain port that a bunch of young men boarded the yacht. The tune changed.

The drugs soon followed. The alcohol, drugs, and whatever else happened behind closed doors escalated. The clean up the next morning was awful. I couldn’t sleep that night.

It was a blend of Great Gatsby meets Scarface in the Middle East. There were unopened packages of iPad, iPhones and every iProduct everywhere. I later learned the guys were rewarded for this trip with expensive gadgets.

Fauzi presented himself as an outstanding businessman and family man, a perfect public figure as do many elites, especially in the Gulf region. They hide behind influence, power and wealth as many times their actions have little to no consequences. The conservative societies they come from would never condone this behavior, and quite frankly they shouldn’t. We all want to be them, admire them and envy them but what really happens is an abuse of that power, money and wealth.

Until the next post, remember one thing — What you envy is not worth envying for a second.

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