Jan 12th, 2016

This week, @rachaelshaw and @mikermcneil cleaned up the process for contributing to the Sails docs (removing lots of old branches) and spiffed up the meta-documentation, especially when it comes to versioning and translations. From now on, translation projects will run as forks rather than branches. This will give the maintainers of translation projects more control over contributors and how they merge in upstream documentation changes from the English language documentation.

As far as versioning, there is now a new 0.12 branch, which is used for any changes relating to pull requests, feature proposals, or GitHub issues which won’t take affect until the release of the next version. The master branch is still where all changes relating to the current stable release of Sails will live, and 0.11 is a mirror of what you currently see on the Sails website. When we publish v0.12.0, the 0.12 branch will become the mirror, 0.11 will stick around and be available forever as legacy docs, and we will create a new branch for the next release of Sails (1.0).

Finally, we want to announce http://sailsjs.jp, an excellent Japanese translation of the Sails website and documentation. Huge thanks to @kory-yhg for all his thorough work, and for hosting the site on his domain.

For more info on contributing to the Sails documentation, and to see the full list of all other translation projects we know about including Taiwanese Mandarin, Korean, Brazillian Portugese, and Spanish, please visit: https://github.com/balderdashy/sails-docs/blob/master/README.md