My first blog “Edhi Sb Reading”

Part-1 Khudi and Self-Learning

Edhi Sb started from a very small dispensary as Edhi Sb was said in his autobiography, The dispensary was never shut. As I had my oppositions to compete with I was always in attendance; sitting outsides in after the markets closed, then sleeping on the cement bench to serve those who came late at night. This is one of those examples where Edhi Sb use both of the Principles of Progress ( Amal and Khudi ) .

I like the all examples of Edhi’s life , the reason is to like this example is that I learned a lot from this example. I learned from it “ Never think very small , always keep your thoughts high and positive.” I also learned that social welfare could be start from a little sharing , It’s not necessary to have huge amount and then start work for poor or social welfare. I should take step or just start the work the doors will be open everywhere. Here I want to mention a quote, “ Allah help those who help themselves.”

My JustStart Project


a) My Goal: I want to become a humanitarian like Edhi Sb, I want to do social work. But I feel hesitation to communicate with people.I always thought that when I will start to doing a job i will start to do social works because it require money, this was my perception.

i. I want to achieve this because its my aim.

ii. The challenges i have faced in the past are the shyness , hesitation and lack of confidence.

b) By completing these tasks my experience was good and i feel satisfaction.

i. When i try to follow these tasks i have faced no difficulties, actually its a very self satisfying task.

ii. I learned a lot from this experience. I learned humanity or serving the humanity is a great work in this world.

iii. Next steps are i will try to do more and more help to needy people.

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