The Agony of ‘Not Having it All’

Do people ever talk about the agony of not having it all,

or do unfulfilled longings lie asleep at the forlorn corners of their hearts?

You are afraid to nudge them and wake them up,

for then you will be facing the dilemma you have been wanting to run from since ages,

that the pretty picture in your mind is just that — a picture.

A jigsaw that the Gods deemed fit to ruin for your own good,

or Destiny came and thwarted you in that little game you played in your head,

wherein you thought you would emerge as the winner.

Why, you were the hero of your ‘action’ movie.

Now you are reduced to a mere pawn in your own game,

and can either agree to give up all your precious little control and surrender,

or accept a wise defeat to save honor,

or continue to hold siege to protect Dear Life.

As you stand still contemplating your choices,

the Gods shake their heads and call you ungrateful,

while Destiny shrieks with laughter at the poor choices you are faced with.

You close your eyes and wait for the fall,

trying to subside the anguish in your heart,

which gets more pronounced by the minute,

like a dagger in the heart.

Maybe Satan was right in kicking off the Paradise,

so he could create his own version of it,

which matched the perfect picture in his head,

and saved himself from the agony of ‘not having it all.’