London Real’s School of Life — Real Education That Matters

The Journey Starts — How London Real and I Met For The Very First Time

If my brain doesn’t make a fool out of me, the very first time I came aware of London Real was in March 2016. I was looking for answers. Answers to my back pain. Somehow I ended up on YouTube clicking on a video hosted by a guy named Brian Rose. Wow, I was impressed by this guy talking about… About what? Movement? I sat in front of my computer and couldn’t turn off my eyes off the screen. This was the day where I started to see the world differently. I began to slowly change my idea how I looked at sports, fitness, the human body, my mind, my back pain. Who was this guy who touched obviously a nerve of mine? His name is Ido Portal.

Honestly, the other guy, the man in charge, Mister Brian Rose, wasn’t that much of interest at this point. My attention entirely lied on this different blacked beard and black-haired individual. But, and very importantly, without Brian Rose, without London Real, I most definitely wouldn’t have gotten in touch with Ido Portal. Or at least in a much later stage in my life. It was London Real who introduced my to the world of Ido Portal’s movement philosophy.

My Second Date With London Real — Premier of Ido Portal’s Documentary ‘Just Move’ and Motion Workshop

At the end of July 2017, a wish became true. I met Ido Portal in person. And even better. I participated in his Motion Workshop hosted by London Real. I had the chance to learn from the master itself and its tribe. Two highly intense days. Six to eight hours hard work. Or serious fun as Ido would say. It boosted my knowledge of movement and my body at a new sphere. But at the same time I also was more confused then I was before. My advice to everyone out there: Attend this course. It is absolute gold and will open a new world to you. The good thing is it is for everyone. No special requirements needed (except a body and a mind).

Ido Portal and me at the premier of the documentary of him

Two days before, I attended the Premier of Ido Portal’s Documentary Film — Just Move. Brian and his team captured as much as possible of Ido’s message in a movie. In my opinion, it is a must watch for every man and every woman out there. So do not hesitate, make time for one hour, sit down (preferably on the floor) and start watching.

Documentary Film about Ido Portal — Just Move, by London Real

Broadcast Yourself — Brian and I Met For The Third Time

In June 2017, I decided to quit my job without having a new one. Why would I do that, you ask? First of all the period of notice was four months. That’s why I thought more than enough time to find another job. Secondly, and more importantly, I was not fulfilled in my post. I liked my work; I had amazing people around me, I got to know many interesting people within and outside the company I was working far. I even saw the ‘why’ behind it. But was it my ‘why’? No.

What happened next? In July I decided to join the Broadcast Yourself Course by London Real. I love to have real and profound conversations with people, exchanging me with them, learning from them, teaching them something and especially above all I love laughing and fooling around. Therefore, I thought, that could be the thing I was looking for. And now, four months later I have already published 13 episodes of my Podcast Back | Pain | Movement. More than 3,000 people have listened to it so far.

Wow! That is amazing, isn’t it? Who would have thought that a couple of months ago? Thanks to the Broadcast Yourself Course I was able to build my very own podcast from scratch in just two months. Now I am reaching out to all those people suffering from back pain and giving them hope. My guests show my listeners ways and opportunities how to overcome back pain sustainably. But not just that. They share their very own experiences, their personal and vulnerable stories, their challenges to inspire all these people out there looking for answers as I once was.

My highlight was the graduation weekend. Brian invited us over to London for three days. Finally, I could meet up with all those people I’ve already know for eight weeks but haven’t met in person so far. Then the highlight of the highlight happened. Unexpectedly, Brian invited me to be his guest on his show. Am I dreaming or am I awake, I asked my self. It wasn’t a dream. Brian gave me the opportunity to share my vision on his show. And it was mind-blowing! Nevertheless, I felt totally at ease even though you could have watched the show live on Facebook.

Brian and me posing for a picture just before the interview

If you are curious to know more about this particular journey, read my other blog post Broadcast Yourself by London Real — From Back Pain to Podcasting.

The Foundation of A Relationship — Business Accelerator

More or less directly after I ended with the Broadcast Yourself Course, I started with the Business Accelerator which I am now about to finish (third last day). Again, it is incredible what the course teaches you, enables and encourages you to build in just seven weeks. I now have the foundation of a potentialyl successful business.

In the course, I learnt everything to build myself from scratch. It’s about what you make out of the things you learned. It’s not just another course or another further education where the goals are the receive a diploma at the end. No, far way from that crap! Your certificate is what you have created. You cannot hide behind a paper.

That’s what I loved. With every new week, you created something new. A creation which is adding value to the world. Isn’t that wonderful?

But London Real Academy is not just a regular school offering courses (Business Accelerator, Life Accelerator, Broadcast Yourself and Speak to Inspire). Nope! It is much more. There is a secret essence which I have missed during 18 years of education before.

People are supporting each other and not bulling each other. In my opinion, you learn a crucial thing: How our (monkey) brain is trying to fool us. How our mind tries to talk us out of something. How we ourself are most likely the person who stops us from reaching our full potential.

The equation is straightforward. You get what you are willing to put in. The results you get from the course are correlated to your effort. If you want to know what results I’ve gotten, visit my homepage.

In a nutshell: If you want to reveal your real inner potential join the London Real Academy and the course in which you are interested the most.

All the best and don’t stop moving,