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Sainath KM
Dec 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Have you ever had a countdown clock to display the number of days left in the year?

  • If No, try this out year_progress on twitter
  • If Yes, you know how FAST a year goes by!

So with no time to waste, let me get going with the first product idea.

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What is the problem to be solved here?

I had been a regular football fan (soccer for Americans) and have been travelling to various cities in India and in Europe to watch my favourite teams play. Usual trips starts with booking a Match ticket and then planning everything around it.

But once I start searching for a Hotel room in that city for the match day, BOOM! reality strikes!

Most of the time, Hotel prices ends up on a very high side on match days, but most of the fans travel on a shoestring budget. This is imbalanced.

So, there is a PROBLEM here which needs a SOLUTION.

So, what is the Solution?

What about a couch surfing way of sharing the rooms with the travelling fans? Or a free AirBNB for Travelling fans?

Wooh, that should be great way to reduce the cost for a travelling fan!

This way of sharing beds/couch with the rival fans has been tried many times for some specific situation and worked wonders to get fans come closer to their rival fans.

Here are couple of examples from last year which worked:

Dortmund supporters call for #bedsforawayfans. Dortmund and Monaco Fans show the spirit of togetherness after Dortmund team bus hit by explosions and game rescheduled for next day.

Indian Football Fans calls for #bedsfortravelingfans. A dedicated supporter group of Bengaluru FC named West Block Blues had organised the “Beds for Travelling Fans” campaign for visiting fans for match against Kyrgyzstan to help travelling football fans find accommodation in Bangalore, India.


So we have a solution to the problem, a solution which has been made use couple of times successfully.

But couldn’t find an ongoing option to solve this problem — No active sites which handle this Couch Surfing options for Away fans, No option within AirBnb to only list the homes during the match days (and free).

So what is the next best solution — Build the solution for my Problem! Create an online site to list, request and manage rooms/homes for free just during the match days in that specific city.


Still a lot of Open Questions

  • Would fans be ready to share the room with rival fans?
  • Would it be easy to inform travelling away fans about the availability of couch surfing option?
  • And many more..

But, Let’s start the MVP define and build process now!

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