Andela Challenges

For the past two weeks, I have been attending the Andela cohort 19 boot camp and I have been kept on my toes throughout this period. During the. first week we were supposed to work remotely, while in the second week, which is still ongoing, we are doing a project that is going to be presented on Friday .

I have encountered several challenges during this period and I know there will be more to come as this week comes to an end. One of the challenges which I experienced in the first week was being unable to maintain focus on one thing at a time until I am done with it then move on to the next item at hand. During the first week, as part of daily deliverables, we were required to do several coding challenges and also write a blog post daily.

I found this challenging since writing had never been a strong suite of mine, but they had to be done. Often, I found myself thinking about how I would write my blog while at the same time trying to come up with a solution to the coding challenges .I found out that this was counter productive and I knew that if I were to make it through boot camp, I had to change the way that I was approaching these problems.

Having a plan. Yea that is all it takes. Stop thinking too much about a problem or tasks that need completion. Instead, put down a plan and stick to it. Then tackle one issue at a time without worrying about the next item and you will find that you will not be stressed out by pending issues which may hinder you in your current task.

Another challenge that I experienced had to do with my development approach. I did not use to test nor document my code and these are the practices that are instilled on you from day one of boot camp. I found it difficult at first to adhere to these guidelines but now I am happy to report that I am getting better at following these practices since I realized that TDD, test driven development, and documenting of ones code actually helps you think more about the problem at hand and end up producing better quality code.

In retrospect these challenges have actually made me a better programmer.

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