We are in two(s), there(s) of millions
We are divergent in pedigree
We are eclectic in psyches
We quibble and wrangle yet' jointly in mischief and good-deeds 
Yet’ We are net-heads
We are gala addicts
We are heart throbs
We are tearful
We are cheerful
We are numskull
We are knowing
We are bashful
We are audacious
We are vocalists
We are writers
We are advocates
We are endowed
We are un-matched
We are daredevils
We are blessed 
We are talented
We are Us,
The 21st descendants 
The unsurpassed,
The leaders
The long waited mutate and
Together We Are The Future...
I titled this;

The 21st Descendants 
I Am #Kachi, am black, am African, i speak poetry and i believe Poet made Poetry

Saints Churchill