Fabulously Stranded In An Island Called Balinmanok


Summertime! 280 kms away from Scarborough Shoal, our yacht was crushed by a tsunami. Unpredictable. How did I survive? And how I managed to remain fab despite of the tragedy?

This is my story.

I can shout to my heart’s content. I can sunbathe to my skin’s content. I can because nobody can.

Absolutely zero people in this island. Giant corals and coco trees are friends.

The sand. It’s rough and it’s brown. When I wet it, it melts on my skin. ❤
Sit and dry my Cotton On XL.
Surviving is real!

Burnhum specs by i2i New York; XL polo by Cotton On

This island escape is truly ecstatic, at the same time petrifying. There is no internet. No Instagram. No emails. No phone calls. I have no abs to show. But this one’s absolutely dope!

Suddenly. Fortunately. From afar. Somebody came out.

Tin, BLS-certified.
We wrecked it!

As cliche as it is, no man is an island. At the end of the day, there’s always somebody to be with. I figured in this island, I am not alone. I figured this woman is BLS-certified, and skilled for survival.

Featuring my legit mountaineering mommy, soon we will tour you to the mountains. For now, let’s keep exploring this island, and watch the sunrise.
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