oi: the prediction game for live sports

Fantasy is great, but it is for BEFORE the game. What about DURING the live game, when the plays are happening, player performance & team dynamics are in evidence, and fan involvement with the game is at peak intensity.

the app for the live game

Oi is your companion app for the live game. With Oi, you can make real time predictions on what happens next in the live game, compete with friends & fans, and win money.

It’s all about ‘real time’: predictions, results, wins

It’s all about being in the moment, real time — predict on what happens next, right before the action unfolds on the field, see the results flow in, instantly, and if you can truly read the game well, you get a chance to win cash prizes.

It’s easy

Fantasy is awesome, but it’s anything but easy. It’s just way too much work; so much so that sometimes it seems to take away from the pure joy of the game. 

In our minds, it’s the live game which is primary, and whatever we do should lend itself to more enjoyment of the same, so we designed Oi to fit in seamlessly with the live game.  

You know the game, you know the teams, you know the players: with Oi, you just use your inherent knowledge of it all to read the live game, and predict what happens next. As easy as that. 

And of course, nothing beats the joy of beating your friends with a ‘told you so’ and some money in the bargain!

It’s all about the friends

As we were saying, what’s the point of winning if you can’t gloat in front of friends, or better yet, beat them and then gloat. With Oi, see what your friends are up to, compete and chat with them, and of course, beat them and be a gentleman about it. Or not :)

It’s all about venting — eh, expressing yourself

Your team will let you down. The players will let you down. That’s what the game is all about. 

At just those moments, we know you need to vent, and so we have just the perfect collection of gifs to let you do just that, to be able to express yourself just perfectly. Plus, in-gif comments let you continue the conversation within that context. 

It’s bite-sized

Are you going to watch the entire game? Or are you here to just catch a quick glimpse for a few minutes. We got you! 

We divide the game into contests, each lasting barely a few minutes. So whatever time you have, you can enjoy the game that tiny bit more with Oi!

In baseball, every half inning is a contest; in football, it’s every down. Which also means our contests just line up perfectly with all the break points in the game, when you may want to come in, or go out.

It’s about second chances

Sometimes we get things right, sometimes not. For those not so ‘right’ moments, we just think life should come with second chances. 

With a new contest every few minutes, Oi is all about second chances — opportunities to fix our opinions on who’s performing how, in the live game. So if you didn’t win the last contest, there’s another one coming up. And then another. And another and another…

the wins are real

You know when a win’s real — when it shows up in your bank account! With Oi, the wins are very real, with over $200 to be won in every game, and $12 in every contest.

It’s free

Yup! Absolutely free. Which means, no entry fees, no subscription fees, nothing. Just enter a contest at zero cost, make winning predictions! All wins, zero cost. 

Oi launches in the coming few days! If you want to beta test, please drop a mail to saiphul@the-oi.com for a TestFlight invite. For any feedback, do leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.