I had a Love Story

Having a love story is pretty common these days. But having a successful one is a rarity, especially where I come from. As Chetan Bhagat rightly said “Love marriages around the world-Boy loves girl, Girl loves boy and they get married. Love marriages in India-Boy loves girl, Girl loves boy, Boy’s family should love Girl, Girl’s family should love Boy, Boy’s family should love Girl’s family, Girl’s family should love Boy’s family and if Boy and Girl still love each other they get married.”

For many meeting the right, perfect girl is a big ask. Even after meeting her he should satisfy all the “requirements” set by the girl’s family. And vice versa. I’m one of those lucky ones who found love satisfying all the “requirements” that are set by both of our parents. There’s a reason why life is called a bitch. I found the reason pretty early in my life. Here’s my story.

She’s the crush of my life. Having had crush on her for many years I didn’t approach her even once. After joining grad school I gathered my courage and texted her. She responded immediately and we hit off. I calculated all the “requirements” and “conditions” our parents might set and jumped into the relationship. Although I didn’t factor in one small yet powerful factor. I took the love between us for granted. I heard all the failure stories and felt they didn’t have what we had. How wrong I was.

The new dimension of our lives began with bang. We couldn’t let the talking stop. We explored each other. The more I ventured into her life the more I loved her. It was one hell of a fantasy movie ride. She’s literally the Hermoine Granger of real life. The absolute definition of beauty with brains. The sole example of intelligence with character. The nightingale of my paradise.

Just when you think life is going smoothly, it’ll take a U-turn and crashes straight into trash. After saying that she loves me for a year and half she confronted me saying that she’s “confused” about us. I didn’t understand a bit about that confusion. After some enquiry she confirmed that there’s a dude who’s trying for her. Instead of kicking his ass she got “confused”. I was angry. Frustrated. I felt cheated although she didn’t exactly cheat. In my defence I’m a short tempered guy(I know, its not a great defence). I let my emotions rule me. Once the words are out of your mouth you can never put them back. They’’ll be out there forever, haunting you. Hurting you every time you think about them.

She pulled the final trigger. Saying that she didn’t know what she wanted she shattered paradise. I could see nothing but the gloomy murk of the distant future without her. I was all but devastated.

Breaking from a bad relation could be the best thing you could experience. Here I am after 5 years of breaking with her still thinking about her and writing about our wonderful yet disastrous journey.

Take time to laugh. It is the music of soul.