What is Spirituality?

Today I am writing my first blog about Spirituality. There are so many definition to this word to explain but according to me “Spirituality is the way of living life in more healthier way.”

Why spirituality is needed?

Being Spiritual means to stay closer to yourself or oneness. It is not that we are not spiritual. Spirituality meaning “The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

Spirituality is the medium to stay more healthier & happier. A person who doesn’t have enough money to get all luxury in life, he thinks that he will be completely happy when he will have enough money to get all the material things he wants. But in other hand the person who can buy everything(material) we have seen that person is also not happy so that means no body can be ever happy?

The answer is that nobody can be all the time happy but can change his views about being happy which is not to get all the material comfort .Spirituality is the answer to all our questions like who am I? Where I have come from? What is the purpose of this life …etc….

How I can become Spiritual?

We all spiritual being it just we have forgotten ourselves. We need to remind ourselves what actually we are.

These are only my thoughts & understanding about Spirituality.

Hope you have liked my thoughts on Spirituality. :)

Today I have started my journey to write about Spirituality. I will be writing more about this step by step. I need the support from my all viewers to continue this journey with me