In a World Where Women Read More Than Men, It Pays to Write From Their Perspective
Miles Klee

It’s kind an interesting topic covered in the article! Yes — you are 100% wright — I checked my e-mail list and mostly these are women!! Like 70–30! I am writing novels and detective stories and promoting my content myself mostly by e-mail marketing. And, being honest, I noticed I while ago that women are more active users of my content — as we are speaking offline or online sales: they are more active in public sales in book shops and, OMG, how active & communicative they are through my e-mail marketing campaigns, they love sending replies, questions & giving feedback. So I am making my list segmentation ( my ESP Mailerlite offers this feature, btw, it’s very handy, check their options here: ) to several groups, where one is for general men and others are for different kind of women :))))) So thank you beautiful ladies for being such different and giving us such a variety for creativity!

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