Life is an experience that cannot be confined to a paragraph. To some it may appear a bed of roses, to many a bed of thorns. Well, I take life for a journey equipped with different paths, felicity and anguish, success and failure and a couple of other experiences. For me, living life in a right way is an art that leads you to boundless love and contentment. But pity, majority is unaware of this reality. We are so damn lost in the worldly fascination that we have almost forgotten about being human. We have totally become oblivious of our real cause for being in this world.

Today, we are absorbed in our beings, we have become greedy, we have no time to stand and closely observe the beauty of nature, and so we are dissatisfied, we are slaves to many, but a master of none, we are hypocrites, our words and actions depict a great contrast, we are diseased, our minds and hearts are numb. We are living but are no more alive. We seek mirth, but ecstasy is no more our destiny. In short, we are hollow from inside. We don’t pay heed to what we are doing and why. Once we will be able to answer this question, we will find our way to satisfy. But do we consider this question? Are we ready to give ourselves a u turn? Do we long for assistance? Are we up to something good? The answers to the questions rest on you.