Sharing career tips with a professional

I shared 6 professional tips with one of my seniors working at Mentor Graphics. I met him over an event at UET and did a general talk while explaining these tips. That are following
1. Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

2. Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss

3. Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

4. Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically

5. Join a professional body and build your network

6. Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

For grunt work , he said it happens to everyone in every company , they can’t give you the responsibility of their important tasks unless they are sure that you are capable and responsible person. This is the time for struggle and you have to make it in order to maintain your job. Bad talks about company, you can do it with your friends if you are really exhausted. He said , all other tips are necessary and you learn them after 1 or 2 years experience automatically but it is really good that you at least think about them it would be a great help in future career. Besides professional life you should also implement 6th tip in your personal life. 
That was a great experience as discussing always increases your knowledge and builds your confidence. I am willing to imply all these tips in my professional life.