Think and Dream Big

“I can begin small, but why should I think small” There have been many universal calamities on this planet earth. And Humans have survived almost each one of them. Why humans have survived all these calamities? is a question to ponder. The only reason, I believe, is collaborative learning of humans.

Learning from fellow beings is very important as we can see them how they have achieved big in there simple lives. On such simple man is world renowned Abdul Sattar Ehdi. Reading Edhi sb’s biography by Tehmina Durrani was very moving thing for me. It is simple, realistic and yet inspiring. It is totally relate-able to a common man. It is impossible to summarize the life of Edhi in a book but I will try to extract some of the things that I can relate with, from Edhi sb life.

Society gives no body any value unless you have some guts to do for the well being of society. The only reason why forefathers of Edhi sb were respected was that they acted out of their skin and helped the community. This trait dominated this family. Parents of Edhi sb were no less than their predecessors. Mother and then Mother of Edhi, when received ration of a month, would divide it in equal amounts and would send his son to give it to the poor families. This habit left a strong mark on Edhi’s life. Edhi’s mother encouraged him to be charitable by giving him 2 paisa daily and advising him to give one paisa to the needy. Such was his brought up. Surely the forces of nature were doing their job to make him great. One example to taking a stand for the exploited impressed me and made me thing about some relatable act. Some senior boys were teasing a handicapped boy and Edhi got into fight with them to protect that poor soul. He knew that he will be beaten well but he took the stand for the good cause. And when he narrated this story to her mother, she was not mad, she encouraged him to give voice to who does not have one. Islamic teachings also say that all deeds will be tested upon the intentions with which they were done. I liked this example from Edhi’s childhood as it is related to my one small act. I once stood for a junior guy who as fooled on the first day of university. Seniors were asking him stuff and that poor soul was terrified. I talked to them and arranged a timely escape. Edhi the kid was mischief-king of his fellows. This may be negative at that time but he was creative. This was the quality that made him lead words biggest community organization. As he grew older his ideas collided with the prevailing trends and he drifted towards the soothing teachings of Islam. Idea of unity was instilled in his young age by his father “the strength of word lies in implementation, otherwise they are meaningless” Inspiration was the key factor in his early life. He was impressed by Jinnah’s mission of justice. He was not interested in politics but the community wellbeing. Different parties made him happy as they were doing good to the society. This is also the need of today. Youngsters must make a note of this aspect of Edhi. He liked to help the poor on humanitarian basis irrespective of his cred or religion. Closing todays blog post I will share the act of curbing the vanity by shaving his head despite of his friends adopting modern haircuts.He was called “shaik chilli” for all his plans but he only thought “I can begin small, but why should I think small”.

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