When I just started

A philosophical saying is “if you have, give. If you learn, teach”. This is very inspirational but is of no use if you don’t know how to communicate what you have learned. I was always exceptional in academics but when, in university, I was asked to explain something in front of the class, I was unable to do so. It felt terrible. I wanted to escape that situation. I came to know that I have a strong sense of stage fright. I avoided it for 2 years but now in my finals years, I have taken it as a challenge. I am positive to handle this challenge. I feel it’s the need of the hour. In few months I will be graduating and being an engineer I will be required to presents projects and like that. So it’s the right time to take this challenge.As once a teacher said the people like you are so much good in technical knowledge and other who are good in presenting and documentation take benefit more than you through your hard work . I need to get over it now. Splitting this challenge in parts, firstly I had difficulty in speaking English fluently. Secondly I could not prepare the content my heart. I need some notes or hints and I would mess up every time with them. Now I have realized the problems and I am looking to address them accordingly. I will not avoid the stage anymore. I am good in presenting in Urdu , but its hard for me to communicate in English fluently.

Let’s start poorly, but #juststart. I will seek every opportunity to speak in front of some gathering. I will give due importance to the content. And I will practice as much as I can so that I may speak fluently. I have remained part of some social campaign , that helped me a lot in facing different people and situations , still presenting our message.

Recently, I gave a presentation on Entrepreneurship subject and it went well. I prepared the content well and prepare the slides by myself. I made notes and practiced the whole presentation in front of the mirror twice. I volunteered for the presentation slot. After the presentation I asked the teacher about it and it was a satisfactory compliment. I was very happy with the results. I learned that if you believe and try your best, things work in your favor. My efforts were fruitful and it encouraged me to prepare even more vigorously next time to achieve big. When I have over came this challenge completely, I will share this recipe of taking the challenge from the front with my peers and will discuss my progress with them. They will learn something from me and I, too will get something from this discussion.