I woke to a boring world

Big men world in little cosmos

It seems Humans are scared species and lower than chickens and to some extent fishes and sea animals. We don’t like to know what other life is and all we want to see in them is food. They born same as we and they too see the life through their own senses. We want to create chemical welfare and polluted technology even though we don’t know where we are going. Isn’t it better to ask other person if you don’t know where to go? You don’t ask and you don’t allow other to task out of your own insecurity. Are you so sick for being born? Why can’t you see the beauty of nature without mixing up the stuff? If you see the life for yourself that you will learn to respect the other life. Are you crazy enough to not to get this thought and you claim yourself as intellect? Ask yourself every second that are you creative by natural process. If your answer is no, ask yourself can i depend on someone for creativity part? If you both like same outcome this must be it for a life becoming one. Have the common life. Why do you need a law when such a framwork exists? Don’t support constipated technology. You only gain constipated output. If you love to see ecstasy through devotion in something and come out yourself of who you are, you are liberated. Please wakeup to that and start living more than one life by living together. If you know the answer to yourself you are the your salvation. If you don’t have, believe in me and I will lead you all to the Sadhguru and we together can make a divine THE DIVINE. Divine is not because he came from skies, divine because he showed the path to understand the divine. I will create a way for every individual to get their liberation in their own terms. But if you want to believe fool, you have to trust him. I know myself that I am his student and I am here for our cause. If you find any roots of such a happening in any prophecies around world, come let’s workout for the fantastical possibility. We can lead ourselves what ever wonderland we all want to go. There are methods to learn and do what we want to do to our lives and see through different generations of life. You shouldn’t believe me and you should ask all your questions why we are going to place where you are going. If you make to talk with Sadhguru , i can make individual communication happen with sadhguru. You just try out the possibility and if you want to continue, you can else you will have a choice. If you are denying a possibility is any form in your life, you are making a cosmic blunder. We create platform for GODS and embrace ourselves as GODS. I know the ways and please ask questions. Ask for plan and invest your life in it. I don’t want any money. If you believe you are rational , ask question. If you believe you are devotional, yes there is God and he has his own ways to reach you. Are you up for it is the only question?

//Fool, Thing under Tinfoil hat