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Have you ever uploaded a video on YouTube and wished for it to go viral?? Many of us think that merely uploading a good video is enough to get views and subscribers , but that is only half the job.

You want to find out what the other half is?? Its not rocket science but a simple term called ‘Promotion’.

But mentioning the word promotion has become blasphemy in the world of marketing. It is generally frowned upon when you tell others that you are promoting your videos to get more views. If we look at it from an analytical perspective, hoping that the users will find you by themselves and make your videos viral is wishful thinking.

Whether you want to build your brand image or drive high quality traffic to your website, video marketing cannot be ignored. Adding a YouTube channel filled with quality videos to your website will definitely engage your target audience. As they find your videos useful, they will eventually follow the link to your website and that can drive more traffic.

According to a report, nearly 500 hours worth of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute. One third of all online activity is spent watching videos and YouTube has more than a billion active users. The platform is so expansive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages, accounting for 95% of the worlds population. Talk about getting lost in a crowd!!!!

So whats the solution for this problem?? How do you make your video stand out amidst such intense competition. This is where Promolta comes into the picture.

With a trusted publisher network of 10,000+ blogs, websites, apps and social networks, you cannot think of a better platform to promote your videos.

Promolta will help you by showcasing your videos to people who are most passionate about discovering you. Reaching your targeted audience is more important than just notching up a few extra views. At the end of the day, quality matters more than quantity.

All it takes is 3 simple steps to promote your video

Step 1: Start Your Campagin

Just signup to Promolta and search for your video. You have the flexibility of choosing your budget and target audience.

Step 2: Get Seen

Distribute your YouTube video through the publisher network. Sharing your video through your own social media channels might get only a few hundred views as opposed to the thousands of views you get on the publisher network.

Step 3: Gain Popularity

This is the ultimate goal for everyone uploading a video on YouTube. By using Promolta, you can make sure that your video reaches your intended audience. You can also monitor real time results to check how your video is performing.

Results speak louder than promises!!!

Lets take a look at how Promolta helped a few videos to gain thousands of views

  1. Sociopathic Traffic by Bill Gottfried

Initially this video had just 360 views but by running a campaign on Promolta, it managed to rake up more than 93,000 views.

Source — YouTube

2. Silence Score by Carolina Brandes

Initially this video had 9500 views but by running a campaign on Promolta, it managed to rake up more than 115,000 views.

Source — YouTube


YouTube is no longer used as just a video sharing website. Countless people have built their brand and earned thousands of dollars leveraging it. Utilizing YouTube effectively can also improve your search engine rankings and domain authority. So, its a fool proof strategy that you cannot miss!!!

Promolta has helped more than 20,000 video marketers get noticed by the right audience. Their strategy is simple — Reach the right people, at the right time.

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