On Trying new things.

You will suck up. Good for you if you didn’t. But not a problem if you did.

You’re on the stage in some café, trying out stand up comedy for the first time on an open mic event, like so many other first timers over there. You suck it up bad. You gave the the-awkward-est and driest presentation ever. You sucked it up. But the other first timers didn’t. They made everyone laugh. You couldn’t.

You aspire to become a famous YouTuber and posted your first video. 6 months and not many people saw it and you end up feeling like a failure because you realised that you looked like a douche bag in that video. You decide to stop posting any more videos.

You wrote an article for your school magazine and it was received with good reviews. So you start dreaming about becoming a famous writer and decide to post your first article on medium. 1 year up- 1 like and 5 reads. Horrible start. You reread your article and then you find out that it was really stupid and useless. You stop dreaming.

Fuck you. Don’t do that.

The other first timer must have succeeded in the endeavor because maybe he/she must be having more exposure than you do. Or, most probably because he was better than you. You sucked it up. But I’ll tell you what? It’s alright. Because at your current level, you must be bad at it; but who’s told you that you cannot improve the next time? Only you are responsible for your the success of your future endeavours, despite having messed it up the last time. Practice hard. Or try something different. Read books and expand your knowledge. Attend workshops to know more about your area of interest. You may have blown in up in the past but you still have your future to make up for it.

Recommend ❤.