Build. Lego. Build.

Going from 0 to 1. Encore?

We all have always built things. It’s what makes us human. When we begin to build things that matter for people more than just us, that’s a start to something bigger.

“If we don’t start new things all the time, it’s a waste. We have to keep innovating. It’s a duty.”

I’ve chased this since I was 18. I love the beginnings of a startup. I enjoy the process of finding an idea and creating something from scratch. It’s the adventure and the learnings that matter. The feeling of doing something new no-one else is quite doing yet.

As I went about the process of building something people want, I realized something: There is actually no end point. 
There is no last lap. 
There is no peak.

There is only the journey. 
This journey you will be in, is the most exhilarating one you will sign up for.


Today, I moonlight yet again. I moonlight because my block of Legos need newer heights. I moonlight because some journeys fuel you more than others. Don’t do it because you want a one hit wonder. Do it because you want to. That’s surprisingly the most important part of the whole structure.

So get back to completing that artwork you never finished. Get back to writing that book you didn’t move on. Get back to doing the things that you love. That’s what make journeys into trails. Your journeys define you, but your trail might just define journeys for others.

Build. Let go. Build.

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