Se refletirmos sobre que preço às vezes recebemos certo bem da humanidade ?! Eles são produzidos de uma maneira ambientalmente amigável, eles beneficiam ou prejudicam nosso corpo? Até hoje, eu mesmo nunca fiz essa pergunta, mas chegou a hora e essa questão se instalou na minha cabeça.

Acontece que a cada ano a humanidade gasta uma enorme quantidade de recursos para aquecer suas casas, escritórios ou armazéns no inverno. Com esta finalidade, por via de regra, vários tipos de aquecedores, radiadores, gás ou dispositivos de aquecimento de diesel usam-se. …

In the phases of project and development of SPRING we put all our attention to the comfort of housing, energy efficiency and design.

This, to contribute to the well-being of people in harmony with the environment, in the most efficient way possible today.

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Economic and management advantages.

  • Affordable investment;
  • Immediate and tangible reduction in consumption;
  • Improvement of the building’s energy rating;
  • Tax advantages;
  • Easy to install;
  • No building works;
  • No maintenance;
  • No risk of freezing pipes in winter, because they are not present;
  • No periodic certification and/or checks by authorities.

Blòk teknoloji ak karakteristik inik ak espesyalman distribiye jesyon done, rezoud pwoblèm konfyans — ap chanje figi a nan anpil zòn nan mond lan. Nan yon ekonomi dijital, vandè ak achtè yo ka konekte dirèkteman san entèmedyè. Se konsa, tranzaksyon yo fè vit epi depans tranzaksyon yo siyifikativman redwi. Sa a ekzakteman ki sa blokchain teknoloji ap ede chanje mond lan.

Ansanm ak blòk, lajan elektwonik se tou émergentes kòm yon avantaj ke envestisè atravè mond lan prefere. Malgre ke ofisyèl atravè mond lan yo trè pridan sou sa a ki kalite avantaj ak anpil peyi yo poko bay yon klè legal fondasyon pou lajan elektwonik, nan yon sèl jou lajan elektwonik toujou rive dè milya de dola. …


CONTOH TUJUAN Tujuan utama Saiterm adalah berkontribusi pada kesejahteraan. Ini telah ditingkatkan untuk beradaptasi dengan lingkungan dan inefisiensi.

Kami ingin mengembangkan produk teknologi mutakhir untuk mengurangi konsumsi energi dan emisi.


Melalui platform Blockchain, kami akan menggunakan teknologi pemanas inframerah untuk membantu konsumen menghemat energi dan emisi karbon dari industri dan rumah.

Proses produksi sepenuhnya otomatis untuk memastikan distribusi 20.000 keping keluaran, yang akan membawa kita ke setidaknya 800.000 unit per tahun selama lima tahun ke depan. Ini seharusnya hanya sebagian mempertimbangkan permintaan dunia untuk sistem pemanas yang efisien. Cukuplah untuk mengatakan bahwa bahkan apartemen 90 meter persegi yang terdiri dari 5 kamar, setidaknya 5 unit Saiterm Spring harus dipasang. Mengingat manfaat ekonomi dari pembelian, serta penghematan sangat tinggi yang dapat dicapai dengan mengurangi konsumsi energi, kami dapat memperkirakan 800.000 panel per tahun menjadi sangat konservatif dan terbatas. Dengan 800.000 panel dibagi dengan 5 kamar, hanya 160.000 rumah dapat dibangun di seluruh dunia. Investasi langsung dalam proyek akan dilakukan melalui pembelian opsi Saiterm Spring. Ini menjamin independensi inisiatif dari perusahaan multinasional di industri, perusahaan besar dan bank. …

Сама система Spring представляет собой простую и лаконичную форму, которая легко вписывается в концептуальные идеи любого проекта, как личного, так и делового. Все, что ему нужно, это доступ к электричеству, все остальное, что он будет делать самостоятельно, но под вашим строгим руководством.

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Это означает, что Spring имеет систему дистанционного управления, которая может обрабатывать все ваши действия из любого места через ваш смартфон или планшет. Этот подход не только регулирует потребление энергии, но и экономит время, которое вам не нужно, находясь вдали от дома, офиса или склада. В то же время пружинные пластины могут быть установлены на стене и на потолке. …

The development of this system manufactured by Saiterm is called SPRING.

This platform provides derivatives that leverage financial and industrial technologies to produce and distribute demanded products that are urgently needed and meet future global energy efficiency and well — being requirements. With respect to the prior art, the main objective of Saiterm is to reduce the installed power and consumption of heating systems. With the same technological performance in the market.

The distribution takes place in the international market and is aimed at large builders and retail chains. Sales are also via our e-commerce store.

Saiterm’s spring plates have superior quality in terms of efficiency, comfort and well-being compared to other heating systems. Therefore, this is the ideal solution for new construction, renovations or even to increase the comfort of a room. …

Saiterm SPRING represents an opportunity to reduce the energy requirements for space heating in a drastic and concrete way.

Winter room heating has a very high environmental impact, as with the most widespread traditional systems, such as gas, oil or pellet boilers, there is combustion with enormous emissions into the atmosphere.

With the Saiterm SPRING system, energy consumption has been reduced as never before and this means reducing the environmental impact to a minimum, even if the electricity from the grid is produced with fossil fuels.

Thanks to Saiterm radiators it’s possible to live and work in maximum comfort and well-being respecting the environment.

Saiterm SPRING, to live and work better, reducing costs in full respect for the planet.

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In fact, the theme of heating any room is one of the most acute in our society. Because traditional sources of heat:

- Spending too much resources;

- The heating system itself is expensive, both during installation and during its further operation;

- Price/quality does not match;

- Everything else is not always good for our health.

I think many of you who live certainly not on the equator, at least once in the winter time paid for utilities for heating your home and the cost of services often caused an unpleasant shock. As a rule, this amount is very impressive and unfortunately from year to year only grows. At the same time, the boilers that supply us with this heat often do not meet environmental standards and when burning a particular type of fuel emit a huge amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Which in turn adversely affect our environment with you. …

By thermostat or remote. From wherever you are.

SPRING offers the widest and most modern range of solutions and methods for system management, from the more traditional thermostat, to the most automated remote system.

SPRING guarantees the complete freedom of choice for the system and the management method, so that everyone can find the system that suits them best.

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Saiterm ensures vitality execution in household warming and business heat treatment through its Spring and Radiant structures which gives the clients with various endowments this sort of empowering residential and works of art condition, improved efficiency and diminished preparing and emanation charges.

The spring warming framework will be awesome items that embellish the fine of infrared warming from the sun, with the goal to at last improve power execution and extravagance. The spring boards produced with the guide of Saiterm will ingest the majority of the infrared discharged by means of the sun beams and convert them to warmness.

The warmth created will at that point be exchanged to the front floor that emanates the glow. A brilliant floor produced using an extraordinary combination gets the warmth and scatters it into nature in a compelling way. The Spring DHS incorporated into the boards lets in clients to get the predefined room temperature in a short measure of time. …


SAIEX Token Saiterm

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