I once read and article about how writing clean code is a myth at times.
Pasan Missaka

I wanted to emphasize the point that. whenever a code is written that it is written for the best (of the developers skill). The reason that is being said is because, when we just focus on get the feature working the effort and money we want to put in future is high.

We never plan to fail. We shouldn’t plan just to “get it working and whenever we have time we improve the quality of code.” We should plan for the best. And, work towards it.

“it’s hard to invest time on writing clean code”
I want to hit on the point that you cannot write the cleanest code ever but, it doesn’t say that you shouldn’t invest time on writing better code.

Again, that’d make you spend multiple amount of money and time in future.

When it comes to the practical scenario, there are always things go wrong.

That’s why they said that clean code is a myth sometimes.

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