Many elements comprise a brand — logo, name, style, values, mission, work environment, and personality. Often, it can be easier to decide on a name or style than identify something less tangible like your brand’s personality. Having a brand personality is important for many reasons. Here’s why:

1. Uniqueness
While you may offer products or services that are similar to your competitors, your personality sets you apart. Being unique can result in potential customers picking you over your competition.
2. Engagement
It’s easier for customers to connect with a business when they can get a sense of the people working for the company. When you establish a brand personality, you can engage with your audience in a more meaningful way and provide them with assurance that you are approachable and available to them.
3. Relationship Building
When your audience is more engaged, you can start to build solid relationships with your customers. Relationships are key because those customers are more likely to share their good experiences with their friends, thus further developing your customer base.

3 Ways to Build Brand Personality
Here are some ways you can grow and incorporate your personality into your brand.

Be Authentic and Relatable
Creating a personality isn’t about randomly picking traits you think will work; it’s about developing an identity that truly represents your business. While being authentic is important, it’s also important to stay professional. Allow your audience to see glimpses of what it’s like to work at your company. Provide opportunities for your audience to get to know the people that work at your company while maintaining professional boundaries.

Your personality can’t truly connect to an audience unless you stay relatable. Be honest. Discuss topics that are relevant and current in your industry. In order to show your brand’s personality, you need to create discussions that showcase your voice and opinions about relevant topics in your field.

Use Content
Content is a great way to infuse your brand with personality. Whether it’s written or visual content, your personality will shine. When you write your website copy, a blog post, or an email, think about your personality. How can you incorporate it into your words? Consider whether you’re seeking a professional or casual tone, and adjust the way you convey your message accordingly.

The same process applies to the images and videos you create. While it may seem hard to include your personality into an image, it is possible. When you pick out photos for your website or to post on social media, think about a theme that you want to keep. It may be how the image is edited or the actual image content itself. When you add personality to your videos, remember to be yourself, but also consider how you want to be perceived by your target audience.

Create an “About” Page
Your “About” section offers you the opportunity to tell your story. It is a platform to share your values, goals, and additional information about your business with your audience. An “About” page also allows your audience to get a sense of your passion, which further demonstrates your brand personality. Avoid making your “About” page too professional. Give your audience a chance to get to know you better and draw them into your business.

Hopefully, these three tricks will inspire you to start incorporating your brand personality into your content and website. For more help on building your brand, contact Creative Juice.

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