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Hi Elliot, first and foremost, this was a fantastic article and frankly just what I needed to read.

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself to be deliberating on the same issues. I have grown tired of how addictive social media is, to the point I deleted the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat apps from my phone. And just as an addict, I am going through withdrawals, and my fingers automatically reach for where these apps used to be. I wish I can get to a point where I can dispense away from the iPhone altogether. But then, that would mean doing away with all my games, net browsing, and of course whatsapp – which has my college class groups and apart from it being the prime medium of being in touch with my friends, it helps me keep up to date if the classroom has been shifted or the class has been cancelled. Just to add to the irony, I read this article and am writing this subsequent comment on my iPhone.

Like all addictions, it seems ridiculously hard to let go of this unhealthy habit. But, I am glad more people are questioning the role our phones/technology plays in our life. At times I have found my phone to be a trigger for my anxiety. But this is the furthest I have ever been to do away with my phone and hopefully in the future I will.

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