8 astounding inferences about Pokemon Go that may blow your mind

Pokemon has taken the world by storm. But what is this storm really? Is it the explosive adoption of the game? Will it survive this hype? I dont know. Some signs of fatigue are already emerging. But there is much more than meets the eye.

Its not too difficult to quickly bring data published in news articles around the world together and play with it. The results are astounding.

Facts (from news sources)*

Revenues: USD 250 million

Days Since Launch: 40

Downloads: 100 million (only android) = 29 downloads every second.


  • Everyone plays 1 hr a day
  • 100 million iOS users
  • 10% error since iOS numbers are unknown

8 mind-boggling insights about Pokemon Go*:

  • Total Gameplay*: 913240 human years (thats 5x the time humans have been on Earth)
  • Gameplay per day*: 22831 human years (200 million hrs per day)
  • For every 1 human year spent playing, company makes USD 273.5.
  • In other words, pokemon makes USD 273.5 every 3.78 seconds or 240 installs.
  • Everyday, it makes on average USD 1.25 per player.
  • At that rate, it needs existing users to spend only USD 1.25 more to 2x its revenues.
  • If Pokemon acquires 200 million more users, it only needs 50% active users to spend USD 2.5 to make 250 million more.
  • All this has been achieved without full penetration in emerging markets! (India + china = 2.5 billion)

Positive Externalities:

  • Local businesses have flourished.
  • Footfalls in malls have increased.
  • Physical fitness

Negative Externalities:

  • Jams / Rise in traffic violations
  • Trespassing
  • Injuries
  • Productivity in offices.

Fascinating? Let me know what you think.

*as of 14th August 2016

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