UX design for a Seasonal Campaign

Campaign Objectives
• Motivate the inactive, seldom & new clients for trade
• Increase the trade volume compare to previous year Muhurat Day

User Persona

• Is a first time investor 
• Lacks investment knowledge, not sure where to begin 
• Grow money efficiently
• Start investing in equities during Muhurat

• High Risk/high return long term investment options 
• Wants to track his investments

Pain points
• Absence of comprehensive advisory platform 
• Simple portfolio management

For beginners
• Too many options to choose from
• Inertia to approach advisor
• Domain understanding

Trader Journey

User Journey Map

Gaps & Opportunities
• Lack of a single platform to complete the investment process from research, buying and managing investments
• Portfolio management tools are too complex to use for new investors

Design Objectives

• Effortless investment decision making
• Avoid information overload & complexity

User scenario

Mr. Kumar wish to invest in stock market for long time. He doesn’t have an expertise to pick the right stocks to invest and he wishes to make an investment on this Diwali Muhurat trading time. Mr. Kumar gets so many research tips and recommendations from the broker, he doesn’t like the sales tone of the branch staff as well. He is very active in online happy to make an investment if he gets a convincing tailor made online solution.


Client ask to enter the amount they wish to invest
Understand the user first
Show the recommendations from the broker
User can choose the stock which he wishes

There was two options, One is, we will recommend a portfolio based on the profiling and the amount user wish to invest, and next is they can create portfolio themselves from the stocks suggested by the research team.

Campaign period was 16th to 19th November 2017. Campaign was huge success, we got a significant increase in volume as well as activate the inactive clients.