If I have to have this conversation one more time, I swear to god…

Mar 9, 2016 · 2 min read

I’m writing this so I can save myself a little more unpaid labour and just link to it next time I want someone to understand why the fascinating “debate” we’re having is actually pretty dull. Because there will be a next time.

In 15 odd years of speaking in public about inequality there is, without fail, someone who pipes up to question the validity of the available data, the exact wording of a statement, or even to challenge someone’s lived experience.

Curiously however they have very little to say about the big picture and how perhaps we ought to do something about that. If you can get them to concede that yes, racism exists or domestic violence really is a thing they’ll often brush it off to get back to the much more important point at hand.

They care a LOT, right now, about this specific figure or that specific choice of word. They want to dig deep, and really get into the methodology. Because they care about The Truth.

Oddly though they don’t tend to apply such a searing analysis to every single statement that crosses their path. Just the ones that make them uncomfortable by confronting them with their own privilege.

Today you are that person. Here is your prize:

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