Met a Mentor

Previous day, I met a person, working for power sectors since last 1.5 years. He use to be very sincere to me when he was in his graduation. When I met him, he met me open arms and soon we went for a cup of tea together. during the way, I shared about Amal Academy and asked him to give review about the tips that I shared with him. He said,
Boy! life is not so much easy as it is here in campus. If you want to become a hero, then you will have to bear pain that a hero bears. So, try to think about it and be clear before you go out for a job about the hurdles of life so that it is easy for you then.
Next matter discussed was about the boss and professional behavior. He advised me to be cool when talking to even a worker there at job. Because you don’t know who is the man who is in direct contact with your managing staff as you are new there.
Secondly one of other my senior told me about the mentor that pick a man who is too quick in the firm as your firm and don’t be lazy in building the relations.

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