The Story inside Me

Recently I was reading about the ‘The Richest Poor Man’ in his biography and there I came to know about his mother “Gurba”. She was the lady who gave the nation a son like Edhi, a true humanitarian. She was such kind of lady with a true heart full of humanity, kindness, sympathy and love for those who were hated. Besides all other qualities that she had, one of the thing that impressed me much and motivated me is that while working in her mohalla for the desperate and ill people, she wanted to make the other ladies independent. This is something insisting me to write about. As I think, if you want to work for the betterment of a specific nation, then develop the skills inside them and this would be the precious gift from your side towards them. I want to relate it with an example that suppose there is a beggar in your street and you want to do something helpful for him/her. In the evening when you get up, you go to him and offer him a cup of tea with you and when he is leaving, you give him few cents of money for the day. As he will leave you, he will go to somebody else and beg him for some more money and this process will keep on for several days, months and he will be doing his job as beggar as in the beginning you have encouraged him by giving him the initial cents. But what I think is that rather than giving him few cents, if you have asked him to find a true job for himself and motivated him for the actions to find a self-match job, then you would have done a marvelous job for him. By doing this you are actually adding some values to his life. So always try to develop the skills inside you and be independent in some cases that you are known for your own abilities and I think this is the concept of Khudi. The skills that you will develop today, will be fruitful for today and tomorrow as well.

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