We need a New Approach to Curing the Emotionally Challenged.

There has been great progress in education but all this progress is in mind education. Brain education in the form of upbringing/wisdom/emotional-intelligence is as stagnant as ever. As a result eighty percent of all human beings are emotionally challenged from mild to severe.

The current therapies are not that effective as the individual is treated as a single personality when in reality those with emotional problems have two distinct personalities. The brain and mind both project their own different personalities.

Each and every individual has to be provided the means to figure out the source of their emotional turmoil. They must be provided the knowledge to understand that their mind and brain both project two different personalities. The mind personality is anchored in the current adult reality and the brain personality is anchored to the past childhood reality. The emotional turmoils of childhood are still real for the brain generated personality.

The brain generated child has to experience the past pains and insults under the full glare of the mind generated adult reality projected personality. Each person’s mind generated adult has to be trained to heal its own child into adulthood; merging the two personalities into a single emotionally healthy self.





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