5 analyses on Covid — 19

Issue -1, 15th March, 2020

Coronavirus needs a better name. Something bad ass, like the Black Plague. I’m thinking Airborne Aids. Or Flying Herpes.”

― Oliver Markus Malloy, What Fox News Doesn’t Want You To Know

A lot has been written and shared on Covid-19.

Some are based on scientific evidences, others are pure hoax. This is my attempt to bring together analysis, thought-provoking ideas and insights on Covid-19 from verifiable sources.

Each newsletter will have five top ideas/analysis.

I will try to publish the newsletter daily or whenever I have enough materials.

Let’s start and stay safe:

  • A Comprehensive analysis, supported by lots of charts, by Tomas Puyeo. Probably the most widely circulated analysis on why we need to act sooner rather than later.
  • On the question of reinfection. There have been news in a few media that some COVID-19 cases are getting reinfected after recovery. This report indicates the unlikelihood of such cases.
  • Few days old, but gives a good idea how this virus is going to impact global economy. Central banks are already pumping in money and taking measures to reduce the impact. However, that may not be enough if this crisis continues for a few more months.
  • A good playbook for companies to adapt. Many companies are encouraging remote work, voluntarily. This playbook provides the guidelines to draft one for your company — from employee communication to building a way of work.
  • And let’s finish with a global update. A map on Covid-19 infections as of 14th March:

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