Last week I talked to few students in the field of IT, who were interested in knowing the last trends and demands in the IT jobs market. Here are some quick notes from the conversation.

The IT Eco-system is Changing Rapidly

Digitisation has penetrated into the core of almost every industry. In the modern wave of digitisation, the user demands are changing rapidly. The lifetime of systems has been reduced from decades to years or months. With the digitisation across the board, the applications are now becoming digital platform. The needs to be integrated into various business systems is now inevitable. The scope of digital businesses…

If you are starting a brand new project in the cloud, adopting the cloud mindset is quite straight forward. But if you are trying cloud in a large enterprise such as a financial institute where there could be many applications running on-prem, adopting the cloud first mindset is not as easy as it sounds.

In large enterprises, more often than not the technologies are highly bound by vendors that provide them. While these vendor applications could be highly optimised for the on-prem setup with years of experience in fine tuning, most of them could be in their infancy stage in…

Recently I was having a chat with a newly graduated engineer. He asked me a question that took me few years into my past.

“What is it like building enterprise scale solutions as compared to amateur coding?”

Well, let me start my answer with a simple visual aid. The following are two different water filter systems.

A Water Filter Built by an Amateur Inventor vs a Professional

The one on left is a system built by an amateur. The one on right is probably built by a professional for a commercial purpose. The good news is both these filters water. But need not say which one you would pay for.


Cloud computing is penetrating into corporates from different industry vertices at an alarming rate. While the objectives of adoption and the cloud usage patterns differ from organisation to organisation, the fundamental concerns behind adopting the cloud remains common. Connectivity Modeling, Identity Management, Compliance Controls Management, Disaster Recovery, Change Management, Service Availability and Continuity, Costs Optimisation etc. are some of these basic common concerns.

Based on my experience in Cloud Engineering in few organisations of different scale and calibre, I am jotting down some of the key fundamental concerns around Connectivity Modeling in cloud.

Key Questions

  • What is the level of data sensitivity…

I have spent a good amount of time, analysing and troubleshooting AWS Lambda functions during the last few months. Lambda is a double-edged sword. While there are so many favourable promises in Lambda, the incorrect use could result in adverse effects. Lambda and the ‘server-less architecture’ that it promotes is a very different paradigm compared to the some of our traditional models and you need to change your mindset accordingly before designing a system. In this blog post I am jotting down some notes on my analysis of lambda function’s behaviour using X-Ray under variable traffic. I will discuss some…

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