How to obtain WUM updated WSO2 docker images

Sajith Ekanayaka
2 min readJun 23, 2019

-- provides instructions to get community versions of docker images. But it might be confusing on how to download updated ones when you have an active subscription. Because some of the documents are only shown after you logged in to the WSO2 account.

WSO2 Updates..?

With valuable feedback from its users and by proactively searching for enhancements, WSO2 continuously improve their products, backport fixes to older affected versions, and push these improvements as updates through the WSO2 Update service to WSO2 Subscribers

To obtain WSO2 updates, you need an active WSO2 subscription. If you do not possess an active WSO2 subscription already, you can sign up for a WSO2 Free Trial Subscription from here.

If you do not have a WSO2 subscription or a Free trial account, you can continue with the community versions from here.

How to get updated docker images..?

You can follow these installation instructions to install Docker. Then, you need to login to the WSO2 docker registry by executing the following command.

docker login

It will prompt to log in to your WSO2 account, enter the username and password of your subscription or free trial account.

Now you can pull required images with the following command. This will pull the latest version of WSO2 Identity Server with all the updates up to date.

docker pull

Information regarding available images and tags can be found here.

Additionally, you can find information on running the pulled images from here. Please note that you have to replace “wso2/” with “” in images names of those commands to use the updated images.


docker run -it -p 9443:9443 --name is run -it -p 8280:8280 -p 8243:8243 -p 9443:9443 --name api-manager