Fragrance of Memories

As I walked imperturbable in the sun, near the lake, watching the ducks having their morning feast and parade, I was suddenly struck by a blow of fragrance. All my senses were heightened, not because of anything extraordinary, but because of something ordinary!

On a dull day, that fragrance evoked emotions, lost and forgotten, in a dusty corner of my brain!

I remembered small details about my childhood, the outdoors. I was reminded of happiness. I flashed back to the old me. Someone, very close to me, but unlike me. I was on a trip to memory lane, crossing the landmarks and adventures, and also the heartbreaks and pains.

All because of a fragrance! When I came out of my reverie, I realized, I was trying hard to remember the object, that fragrance belonged to.

But, I couldn’t. It was for a moment, the expedition. And then again, I continued my journey, keeping this moment as a precious one, etched in my heart and brain.