A man of his words

A boy named Abdul Sattar lived in Bantva. At the age of fourteen he became passionate about revolution. He searched and read about wars and revolutions. He wants to change the world by his own revolution. The idea of collecting money for needy persons came into his mind when he heard about Ghaffar khan’s party. He was impressed by Khaksar and khidmatgar party. He says he disliked to being sarmayadar. In his Childhood his mother gave him 2 paisas daily one for him and one for the needy persons. He refuses to spend money on poor but at the age of 11 he buys some share from a company and he used the money on needy persons which he earned from shares.
 I’m going to relate my example to this act of Abdul Sattar Edhi. When I was in college. I saw my friend when he buys something after getting change from the shop keeper he kept the coins separated from the currency notes and when I asked him why you doing this he said to me the coins I kept separated are the share of poor peoples from my pocket money. After this incident I never spent any single coin. If I get change in the form of coins not matter how many they are I used to spend those coins on the poor.

Just Start Activity

In just start activity I started to learn a graphic designing tool “Adobe illustrator”. I want to achieve this goal in order to learn how to create logos. The problem I faced before and now. It is time consuming. It take months to complete maybe two or maybe three.

My experience for completing these tasks was not good because firstly I download the crack version of Adobe illustrator the setup was 1.71 GB and downloading speed was not good enough to download this setup. After installing the setup and launch the illustrator I realized this is not going to work because graphic card is necessary to run illustrator at high speed.
Now i’m looking forward to design logo on illustrator.