Mobile crm for a Sales Person

When you are hitting the sales trail for business take that mobile crm. Several companies make crm software and when you decide which mobile crm software you or your company likes best and that best fits your purposes then purchase it for your iPad.

The iPad is a great sales and marketing tool for an on the road sales person because it is large enough to see easily and it is a good device for making notes. It is highly rated for the ease of making notes on it. And CRM software has markedly improved in what it can do for the sales person who is on the road and away from the office. Cell phones just do so much and they certainly can be intrusive when used in a sales meeting with a prospective client. Often the sales person has to excuse themselves from the meeting to get some information and that can really be disruptive and often can be that turning point where the prospective client makes their decision not to go with the company being represented. A laptop is not as bad especially the mini version but again it is not quite ‘cool’ and again may still be intrusive so a mobile device that is fairly small like the iPad that has mobile crm software which the sales person can access easily.

Access easily is the key to using mobile crm software. Unfortunately when a company begins using any new software program it requires a retraining and often a re-thinking by all of the staff that will be using, either by directly imputing data or accessing that data for any reason. Often an older staff won’t use the software program and because it is human nature they will lag in using it so the date that may be needed by the on the road sales person will not be at hand when they go to use their crm program.

For a mobile crm program to be effective it must have every department inputting data to keep the program current. After all a crm program can assist in automating the business process but only if all departments realize how important it is. Often one department like the tech support department may not realize when they get some sort of feedback from an irate customer or even a pleased customer they have vital information about a product. That customer rant may indeed have valuable feedback information about the product itself but it may be lost between the angry rant and the blasé attitude of the tech support staff. And of course it will never get logged in anywhere, perhaps to the detriment of the product design staff or the on the road sales person.

Customer feedback is what many companies spend a lot of money on to get. They will take customer feedback in any form so it is important for all company employees to note any customer feedback into their mobile software program on the mobile device they are usin

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