Top Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Store Sales

In this blog we’re going to discuss the potential of email marketing for an online store.

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Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Did you know emails drive around 20% of sales for Ecommerce businesses and only 39% of retailers send personalized product recommendations?

According to Founder, Do-it Marketing, David Newman:

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches — at scale.”

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase conversions and most importantly build up a relationships with your potential customers. In addition to this, email marketing campaigns can be customized to reach out to your existing customer base as well.

The amazing part of it is that you address your target audience directly and there is a two-way communication. Let’s talk about the above mentioned “relationship”, you cannot deny the fact that any physical business runs and survives on goodwill, which isn’t built overnight; it is the constant efforts of delivering promises, quality and customer satisfaction with excellent communication. However, things work a bit differently when it comes to online business. You might not find any tool as personalized as Email that allows you to communicate with your customers in the most powerful manner.

Email marketing is all about the right technique and timing. Drafting the perfect email that touches the pain point of your audience is an art.

Following is a compilation of some tried-and-tested tricks and tips to carry out a successful email marketing campaign for an online store:

Strengthen your Email List

The first and the foremost important task is to construct a strong email list. Your whole campaign can be useless if you don’t have an extensive email list to send out your engaging content to. Considering that you’re a newbie with close-to-negligible email list, then how can you build one?

The art of fetching email addresses is no rocket science but it sure is creative. Here are some ways to get people to give you their email addresses:

  • Opt-ins work well for this purpose but they need to be placed at the right spot with high quality graphics
  • Use CTA at the end of blogs, asking for email address but it’s only going to work with quality content on the blog post
  • Offer incentives in exchange for email addresses such as discounts or free e-books
  • Build separate landing page to get leads that asks for their email address

Use a Killer Subject Line

Subject line is the first thing a person sees. It shouldn’t only should be short and concise, but also summarize what’s inside the email. If you have an amazing offer inside your email, but its subject line is not so compelling then it could be a major loss for you.

The open rate of emails primarily depend on the subject line. According to MailChimp, average open rate of ecommerce industry is only 16.75%.

Don’t Pitch for Sales

“Don’t push for sales”, that’s the next tip going forward. Yes, even if you know that you are speaking to a potential customer, you shouldn’t ask them to buy. Instead, strive to focus more on informing and educating your audience.

For example, if you have put up a discount offer, ask your audience to avail the superb offer by informing them with an exciting tone.

Keep your Emails Short

You along with all the entrepreneurs out there need to understand that their audience do not have time to read lengthy emails. The best practice is to keep them simple and to-the-point; just be sure that your email content serves its purpose of conveying the message.

We all are familiar with the fact that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it holds true for emails as well. Try including high quality images in your email and sum up information in the form of a banner or two to get your story through to audience.

Personalize Email For Better Results

When writing emails, try adding personal touch to them by mention name of sender as well as recipient; also, refer to any previous sale that took place with them to get the conversation going.

Personalizing emails can help your customers easily remember you and it can even entice them to check out your offer. This can also be an opportunity and the point of difference between you and your competitors.

Channelize Promotional Offers With Email

Email marketing is an essential method to promote any marketing campaign, particularly if your campaign revolves around promoting discounts, coupon codes or deals for a holiday season.

It can help you target a particular chunk of your customers — if the need be. You can send out emails to specific set of audience, targeting their pain point and solving their problems.

A very important factor that must be part of all your emailing strategies is the Call to Action ( CTA). Whether it’s a promo email or welcoming one, be sure it include a CTA that directs the reader toward the next step — . I.e. your website or the specific landing page. Make it an action verb and enchanting.

Ask Customers for a Feedback or Review

In the beginning of our discussion, we talked about the relationship between you and your customers and email marketing can be a major platform to do so. You can use emails to communicate with your customers, asking about their experience with the website, review on the last product they purchase; or simply ask them for suggestions on improving your product and services.

Deliver High Quality Content Through Newsletter

Use your email list to the maximum in building relationship with your subscribers and customers. Deliver them high quality content that improves their knowledge in the form of weekly or bi-monthly newsletter.

It is important to note here that you should only deliver content related to the buyer’s persona. With email marketing you can use segmentation to cater different personas at at time.

Leverage the Power of Automation

Here is again a brilliant hack to get personal with your customers by greeting them on their birthdays, anniversary or any special events. There are a bundle of free and paid extensions that can help you automate this process and act as an autoresponder to your emails.

For instance, Dotmailer can serve this purpose for your magento store and Remarkety can do the same for a WooCommerce store. It will bring a sense of remembrance among your customers and they will feel valued.

Use it to Activate Your Dormant Customer

You can run a separate email campaigns for customers that haven’t returned to your store since their last purchase. You can separately address them and ask for a word. Make a fascinating offer that compels them to visit your website and try to sort out their bad experiences — if they had any. This is the beauty of personalization that can be easily achieved via emails.

Don’t Stop — Try A/B Testing

Another important tip would be to carry out A/B testing before taking any kind of marketing leap. Try out different subject lines, text and graphics to calculate the difference in open rate, click-through-rate (CTR) and conversions. A/B testing will help you plan for your next move.

Keep Things Simple

All in all, I’d like to emphasize on the KISS (keep it simple and stupid) principle in order to produce more results. Go for a killer subject line and don’t forget the CTA. Add a personal touch to your email address and don’t compromise on the quality of the content you deliver.

So, are you planning something for upcoming holidays season? Use these tips to run a successful email marketing campaign for promoting your offers and discounts.

Until we discuss our next subject again, check out the ‘importance of customer reviews with ways to get them.

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