Manipulating Data With JavaScript ( Small Thoughts )

While I was learning this language I loved the fact that there are only two major data structures in JavaScript and they are very powerful despite being pretty easy to understand. Object and Array.

So Object & Array, what do they do ?

They just hold some data.

And there are bunch of built in Object/Array/String/Regex methods to work with these data. You can filter them, group them, analyze them or whatever you want. Thus visualize them or do API based operations such as making bots etc.

These days I feel, in most cases, JavaScript native methods are enough. There are also some cool abstractions/modules/frameworks out there to make your life easier like Lodash , Ramda , D3 etc.

And JSON. JSON is a data structure which is more like the stringified version of JavaScript Object. There are two specific methods to convert JSON to JS Object and JS Object to JSON. It feels so convenient.

One of the reasons I love React - the JavaScript library from Facebook, is that when I am writing React logic It feels like I am basically controlling the data. And the UI gets updated accordingly. In my experience, I am just changing the State of the application. And the state is basically a JavaScript object. And UI change depends upon the state data.

I don’t know, but looks like if you want to work with data, JavaScript could be a very good tool for you. I did some googling like - which is the language in this respect. Python / R was the answer on the internet. But JS also seems a viable option to me. Share your thoughts and experience about this.