DAC 2017 — Day 1 Recap

courtesy: gosugamers.net

After more than a two year break the Dota2 Asia Championships has returned.

Power rankings before the tournament

Tier 1 — EG, OG

Tier 2 — Liquid, Newbee, VG.J

Tier 3 — Wings, iG, iG.V, Faceless, NP

Tier 4 — LFY, Empire

Round 1

Wings — OG (0:2)

The green squad took two quick victories (63 minutes in total) against the reigning TI champions. In game 1 Wings didn’t have an answer for n0tail’s Terrorblade. Game 2 showcased the power of OG’s support duo. 10–1–11 by Fly on Visage and 1–0–20 by JerAx on his signature Rubick.

Newbee — iG.Vitality (2:0)

Game 1 ended being mainly a battle between the midlaners. In the end Sccc had the upper hand with Ember Spirit over Sakata’s OD. In second game iG.V got to a better start with the core duo of Venge and TA but even with two Midases the late game belonged to Sccc’s Ember once again. 25–4–25 was Newbee’s midlaner KDA after these two victories.

Round 2

VG.J — LGD.Forever Young (1:1)

Mid Lina is back? After Freeze’s performance (10–2–8, 600+ GPM) in game 1 against LFY it seems possible. VG.J slowly but surely outplayed LFY and won the game in 35 minutes. But the second game brought first surprise of the day. Lina middle again? This time by LFY and once again she was victorious. But mainly due to massive Morphling played by Monet.

Invictus Gaming — Team Liquid (2:0)

Talking about surprises, here was a big one. Winners of the Chinese qualifier to Kiev demolished the 27k team. Magnus-Lifestealer combo, aided by 16–5–12 Op’s Tinker didn’t give a chance to Miracle’s Alchemist. Game 2 was Liquid trying non-meta picks — mid Prophet, carry Drow and failing spectularly. Just 26 minutes was enough for iG to earn 3 points from this series on the back of Burning’s Spectre and Boboka’s signature roaming Monkey King.

Round 3

OG — Team Faceless (2:0)

OG was the first team to play all four matches of the day and in the end was the only team to win them all. The SEA team took a lead in game 1 but only Black’s Anti Mage had a farm which was not enough against OG’s tricore led by n0tail’s Bloodseeker. Fly had another monster game on Visage, dealing more damage than anyone on Faceless. Game 2 was an easy affair for OG, Fly once again killed 10 heroes with Visage, Lina won another match (at this point of the tournament 5–1).

Evil Geniuses — Team NP (1:1)

The American battle had the first 60+ minute long game of the tournament. NP won the early game, EG came back and at one point had 12k gold advantage, but in the end EnVy+Aui duo prevailed. In game 2 Universe redeemed his underwhelming Centaur performance with his signature Dark Seer and EG managed to tie the series on the back of SumaiL’s 60k+ damage Tinker.

Round 4

LGD.Forever Young — Team Empire (0:2)

The CIS squad was the last team to enter the tournament and surprisingly easily earned 3 points. Fn showed that he is the star for Empire and went 15–1–25 as Magnus and Sniper against the Chinese team.

Newbee — Team Liquid (1:1)

The longest game of the day is definitely worth watching. In the end the infamous infest bomb duo of Storm Spirit and Lifestealer prevailed thanks to insane Aghanim Vortex’s by Sccc. After Liquid losing first three games of the tournament, Miracle- returned to his OG days and dragged his team to a victory in game 2. 23–0–3, 780 GPM, 50k damage on Invoker was enough in the end. Not even 1,2k GPM Sccc’s Alchemist was able to beat Miracle- in his god mode.

Round 5

Wings — VG.J (2:0)

Surprise Oracle pick, dominant QoP and solid Troll Warlod performance was enough for Wings to win their first game of the tournament 39–11 over Jeremy Lin’s squad. Game 2 was not as easy thanks to Agressif being annonying on Weaver but that was not enough because playing Sniper against PA and Lifestealer is just not fun. Wings took the series and ended the day 2–0–2. VG.J now on three game losing streak.

Evil Geniuses — iG.Vitality (0:2)

Once again the favorite from West has failed to win a single map against an iG squad. Mid Juggernaut supported by roaming Earth Spirit was enough to slow SumaiL’s Alchemist, EG never got into the game and iG.V won in only 27 minutes against the defending champions. SumaiL on Alchemist once again, this time against the elusive Weaver+Storm Spirit duo. EG had a much better game and even managed to take one side of barracks down but Arteezy’s Bloodseeker was a non factor and iG.V’s tricore took its time but in the end took game 2 for the Chinese team.

Round 6

Team Faceless — Team Empire (1:1)

After two disappointing games Faceless finally found 4-protect-1 lineup which worked. It helps that when you have ridiculously farmed Terrorblade you only need to win one fight near the enemy base. But Empire striked back. Fn managed almost 800 GPM on his Shadow Fiend, the Russians took lead around 20 minutes and never looked back to tie this series and the first day with 4 points.

Invictus Gaming — Team NP (1:1)

NP once again played a long, long game 1 and once again with a good end for the American squad. EnVy killed only 2 opponents in 58 minutes in a farming and pretty boring game (27–18 for NP) but that was enough. Op’s Tinker delayed the inevitable for a long time but iG just didn’t have the damage to deal with the Alchemist in the late game. Last game of the day 1 was the most one-sided and only quick GG saved NP from the 32–2 loss. iG took all rackses in 29 minutes and ended the day with 4 points.


Surprisingly only one team won all 4 maps, on the other hand no team is without a point. Apart from OG being close to advancing not much is clear yet.

Looking at the Day 2 schedule the most exciting matchups will be Newbee-EG, iG-iG.V and EG-Liquid.

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