What is the difference between the LAMP stack and LEMP stack?

Saju Gopal Ambatt
Dec 10, 2018 · 3 min read

LEMP is a stack of components quite similar to LAMP, except that Nginx is replacing Apache. To know more about it join Luepe coding academy In Delhi.
What is the difference between the LAMP stack and LEMP stack?

Keep in mind that Apache’s market share has been as high as 70%, which was in 2005 when Nginx was three years old, but around 0% adoption. Because of that students like to Learn Php And Mysql. As this latest web server has been adopted more and more and Apache has lost a substantial number of users, it is easy for programmers ( who did Website Development Using Php) to think that Nginx is the obvious best option. Because of increasing demand of Apache Php Mysql course also get in demand.

Advantages And Disadvantages:
• An important fact is that Nginx is more efficient in static content service than Apache. However, that is not enough to make your decision.

• Think about how the server will be used. If the server is for a site and it is a dedicated web server that you are using together with a database server, Nginx will give you better performance for large amounts of traffic. Scalability is easier to use too.

• To learn lamp stack one need to join Php Course In Delhi. Beyond Php Computer Course performance parity if you have a lot of sites running, there are also specific reasons to choose Apache.

• When you opt for the oldest and most mature web server, you will find that your functions can be used immediately, while you will often have to find a way to reconfigure Nginx. Likewise, there are reliable options for automated configuration tools and user interfaces. Normally, Php Certification people are used to working with Apache and can fix it better. PHP Training And
Certification is must to work on Apache.

• In most cases, you will not see much difference between the speeds of the two web servers. Think about what you really need and if you want to take on the challenges of working with a less recognized one.

• You should feel more confident if you are using Nginx for the first time in a test environment, such as your personal blog.

• Of course, the web server is not the end and the totality of its performance. For large sites, it is a small piece of its architecture. For small to medium-sized websites, consider your actual needs along with your degree of familiarity. There is a reason why Apache is still the most prevalent server at this time, as described above. As Nginx matures and more IT staff understands it, it may
overtake the superior position.

• To conclude, Nginx is faster and able to handle a much higher load compared to Apache using the same set of hardware.

• However, Apache (Php Web Development) is still much better in terms of functionality and availability of the modules needed to work with back-end application servers and to execute scripting languages. So a Php Developer Course Detail is a good source to know more about these two servers.

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