A criminal is caught….. — Makers Academy Precourse Week 1

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Having decided at the age of 38 to pursue a passion and hopefully make a hobby into a full-time job, I have enrolled in Makers Academy (cohort Nov 17). How little did I know, that one week into the course I would have to utilise my “infant” coding skills to solve a murder. And paraphrasing Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov‘s quote:

“You can always count on a murderer for a fancy coding session”

Sounds a bit ominous but it was a virtual reality. We were called to practice our command line interface (CLI)skills and git understanding by having to go through 702 files (!) of evidence and information, using only the command line, in order to identify the killer.

However, the creator of this little mystery game, who seems to be a believer of the famous Macbeth quote: “Confusion now hath made his masterpiece”, did not count on neither the prowess we had acquired in our first week of PreCourse studying,

The Makers Academy PreCourse Bible

nor at the tools we were provided to tackle this task (CLI & git).

The iTerm 2 command centre where all our CLI commands were deployed from

So the result of this little oversight on behalf of the creator was that the killer, at the time of writing this article, was already identified by three CLI detectives, who ensured that the evidence was air-tight (by grep-ing, find-ing and piping the evidence between commands) but also tamper proof (by keeping a git monitored chain-of-actions process and also ensuring by chmod-ing that the file given to justice could not be altered).

Beyond the fun part and gaming perspetive of what has been described above, one can definitely say that this task made a normally “boring” and “cumbersome” process of learning code into a very fun experience which indirectly helped us test and practice a very fundamental aspect of coding which is the CLI.

Till next weeks overview…..

“Keep Calm and keep coding!”
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