My training experience in Linux System Administration Class Malang

The event was held for 2 days at DOT Techno Valley, Malang from 27 to 28 october, start by 08.00 morning to 16.00 afternoon for every meet. It was a good class for a newbie like me training about Linux and its system administration, also a good experience i’ve never felt before on every training i used to attend because the atmosphere in that place where there’s a good trainer we called mr Samsul who is also the DevOps in DOT Indonesia.

Before i tell you about my experience any further, i would like to tell you that this event was sponsored by Cloud Kilat a company from Indonesia which provide service for Hosting and VPS, and also DOT Indonesia a startup from Indonesia which provide development of application in any platform such as IOS, Android, Web-based et cetera. You guys can lookup the information here and here

Cloud Kilat as a Sponsors
dot as a Sponsor and Organizer

My first experience in the first day was the basic subject of Linux Administration such as CentOS minimal installation, Terminal basic command, SSH remote Login, Vim text editor which is used to be hard to use now i can do editing with it and that was an great achievement because everybody knew that many people are stuck on exit from VIM xD. at 12 was the break time for sholat and breakfast which the trainers team already prepared, the people there are a nice and kind person and i feel that my participation there was worth.

The second day was like heavier than the first one, because the training subject is getting difficult this is the subject we try on this second day, web server, Database, PHP-FPM, Automation, Moodle and Virtualmin. There were too many error that needs to be troubleshoots and take a long time for Mr Samsul to troubleshoot, but it solved within the given times and people still can follow the training given by Mr Samsul, and the final output was using a cronjob for making auto update for the config that already configured before.

The second day was the final day of the training, and Mr Samsul were closing the training with suggestion and motivation for the participants, also closed with photo session for documentation.

I think a training like this should be held again, because it helps people to know much further and have a deeper knowledge on Linux also the training are more focus than learning linux alone because there was Mr Samsul helping the participants on every subject in the training.

I would recommend this event to a friend in the future, especially for those who’d like to learn linux and it system administration. I also would like to say thanks to Mr Samsul as a trainer and DOT Indonesia for giving us a good place to study, and Cloud kilat for the great merchandise and big support for the training with VPS and free stickers.

Here’s are the documentation :

Training’s Documentation

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