DIWALI : A Festival of Plight.

Dhoom Dhamaka everywhere,
A rocket here and a bomb there,
Playing with fire everywhere,
This is festival of lights Diwali eh,

Houses brightly lit at night,
Young and old, eating delight,
Dressed new and groomed so well,
Ecstasy in all, oh how to tell.

Symbol of Diwali, they call them crackers,
Playing with fire, no fear, no fright,
Oh so loud is the sound of crackers,
None give an ear to anyone's plight.

They call diwali, victory over evil,
Burst those crackers, and you fall ill.
All through the day, all through the night,
So much polluted becomes all air.

They emit thick thick smoke so high,
Breathing problems reach the sky,
Babies many die of suffocation,
Old and young of our nation.

Oh tell me how victory over evil,
Smoke in the air, is no less than a devil,
Victory over evil, meaning peace,
A festival, celebration and all these.

Pollution of all kinds spreading around,
So much in air, water and sound.
Tell me where to go and breathe,
If at all you know how to preach.

No fresh air for a soul to breathe,
Neither pure water, to quench your thirst.
Year after year continue to burst,
Without crackers, you say diwali so meek.

Oh dear friend we are in trouble,
Generations to come will live in rubble,
Its high time now to celebrate in peace,
Where there is a will, way there is.

Remember festival of light should not be a plight,
Bursting of crackers is no good, for you, me neither brotherhood.

Celebrate diwali, celebrate in peace,
Victory over evil, its time to cheers.